Austrian living in Paris, I created my brand in spring 2006 after a break in Tokyo, thanks to my experience as a freelance toilist and stylist for several Parisian Maisons de Coutures.

In 2010 I opened my boutique in the heart of the 18th arrondissement of Paris on Place Ramey, where I set up my workshop where I design and produce most of my bi-annual collections for women and children.

I bring the same care to the creation of accessories that I integrate more and more into my work. My identity above all is my patience to compose materials and patterns under a playful, falsely simple etyhetics.

For my personal label, I take my inspiration from the art of Central Europe and so it is very personal, unstructured and out of time.

Above all, I like to choose fabrics that are often colourful, graphic or ethnic, which I meticulously search for in luxury brands or during my travels.

I like to defend a certain know-how which is that of the hand-made and which requires an artistic and original contribution.

Finally, my shop is also a place of meeting and creation called “Atelier de style”, bringing together different crafts that are close to my heart.